Desert Acclimated Plants



  • Selecting Plants

    Selecting plants for your landscape that will survive the dry, extreme heat and low winter temperatures of our local climate here in the Coachella Valley can be somewhat of a challenge. Not all areas of the Valley are the same; therefore a plant that will thrive in Palm Springs, may not do well in Palm Desert. The vast selection of desert acclimated plants we carry are chosen specifically to survive in all areas of the Coachella Valley. Our knowledgeable staff has many years of experience living and working in the desert and will be happy to help you chose the right plants to keep your garden beautiful year-round. We carry a wide variety of seasonal color that will spring life into any garden and add color to planters peppered around your garden, porch, or patio.
  • Indoor Selections

    Our indoor plant selection will provide all you need to create welcoming and beautiful indoor garden displays; bringing the outdoors in. Like artwork, indoor plants create personality and bring freshness to every room. Our staff will guide you to the right plants for every type of light and room in your home and instruct you on how to care for then to ensure longevity and growth. Tropical gardens are possible in the Coachella Valley and we are proud to be the Valley leader in Plumeria sales. Creating a tropical oasis in your own backyard is a cinch! Let us show you how.
  • Cactus and Succulent

    Cactus and succulent plants abound at Vintage Nursery and Garden Center. Take a walk through our Palm Springs or Bermuda Dunes gardens to see the vast shapes, styles, and colors of these desert loving plants. We have a variety of indoor and outdoor plants to meet your drought tolerant needs and shrink your carbon footprint.



Available in blue or white, Bacopa produces long, flowering stems which makes them popular for use i
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Million Bells Brilliant Pink

Million Bells

A type of trailing Petunia, this seasonal color flower spreads up to two feet and present beautiful,
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Adding a wide range of color to your garden year round, pansy is often utilized as border flowers, c
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The most popular of seasonal color flowers; petunias will thrive in desert gardens, pots, or hanging
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Staying low to the ground, this seasonal color flower spreads up to one foot in diameter. These plan
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Beaucarnia Recurvate

Another cold hardy, drought-tolerant desert specimen plant is the Beaucarnia Recurvate, or ponytail
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Chamaerops Humilis

Also known as Mediterranean or European Fan Palms, the Chamaerops Humilis is a drought-resistant, co
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Tree Aloe

This drought-resistant specimen plant requires minimal watering and can be found in a large variety
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Mexican Blue Palm

Native to Baja, California, the Mexican Blue Palm (Brahea Armata) is typically utilized as an orname
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Canary Island Palm

The Canary Island Palm (Phoenix Canariensis), seen all around the Coachella Valley desert, is often
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Saguaro Cacti

Saguaro Cacti are a common desert specimen plant that is easily recognizable by their distinctive sh
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