Fountain Builders

At Vintage Nursery and Garden Center we strive to offer the highest quality garden décor products to our discerning homeowners, design clients, and commercial landscape companies in the Coachella Valley. Our eyes are always open for new fountain builders, vendors and manufacturers to ensure your fountain venue and landscape is unique and fabulous!

Our growing list of fountain builders, garden décor vendors, and suppliers will provide you with links to each vendor site. Explore their products and read the interesting stories of Giannini Garden, Gist Décor, Campanina International, Phoenix Precast Products, Avila’s Garden Art, and Al’s Garden Art. Our list may change from time to time as we find more vendors offering unique and quality products; so visit us often!

Surrounding your fountain with specimen plants, seasonal color flowers and theme specific garden art will bring a sense of beauty and style to your landscapes garden décor.

Stop by a Vintage Nursery and Garden Center near you to gather ideas for your home’s garden and landscape décor.